Famous People in High Wycombe

The List

James Corden (stars & TELEVISION character).

The former Holmer Environment-friendly Senior citizen College student is an additional product of the Jackie Palmer Stage College, High Wycombe.

Ozzy Osbourne (rock star).

The rock ‘n’ roll tale lived near Chalfont St Peter.

Matt Dawson (previous worldwide rugby player).

The World-Cup winner is a graduate of the Royal Grade School, High Wycombe.

Jimmy Carr (comedian).

The host of ‘8 out of 10 cats’ is another graduate of the Royal Grade School, High Wycombe.

Dollars Free Press:.

Fern Britton (TV presenter).

The TELEVISION presenter stays in the Wycombe area.

Cilla Black (TV individuality).

The late TELEVISION star stayed in Denham.

Rebecca Ferguson (vocalist).

The previous X-Factor participant resides in Amersham.

Mary Berry (TELEVISION cook).

The Bake-Off star resides in Penn.

Terry Pratchett (writer).

The late fantasy author grew up in south Bucks and also attended John Hampden Grammar School, High Wycombe, before working for the BFP as a press reporter.

Dollars Free Press:.

Ricky Gervais? (Actor & comedian).

The TELEVISION sitcom star is rumoured to be acquiring a home in Marlow as well as was just recently found in the community.

Other Notable Media

High Wycombe has actually been showcased in the national media in recent times for a number of different reasons, including seasonal insurance coverage of the library’s rejection to display a Christmas carol solution poster as well as various other tales such as the triple shooting of three young Oriental guys, a small-scale trouble in between feuding families and gangs where blades, steel poles, and an axe were utilized whilst a shooter sprayed bullets; and also the shooting as well as murder of Natasha Derby at point-blank variety in the middle of an active dance floor at a community centre location.
The community appeared in national as well as global media after anti-terrorism raids were accomplished throughout the town on 10 August 2006 as part of the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot. Five arrests were made at three different residences in the town’s Totteridge and Micklefield areas. Some houses in High Wycombe were left in Walton Drive, which is believed to be since one of the invaded residences had unsafe liquid chemicals.

A three-mile (4.8 km) no-flight areas over the community was ordered. Other raids and also apprehensions were additionally made in East London as well as Birmingham.

King’s Timber to the north of the town was cordoned off for 4 months to be looked by authorities, and also numerous dubious products were apparently located including nitroglycerins, detonators, weapons and hate tapes. Various other woodlands in the Booker location of the community and also the M40 at High Wycombe as well as neighboring timbers were also under monitoring. Nitroglycerins police officers were contacted us to the freeway, as were forensic policemans. A lane of the motorway was shut as a preventative measure.

On 21 December 2009, heavy snowfall hit the town, paralysing its road network (which is mainly on steep hillsides), and also creating significant disturbance to decline solutions for several weeks. Staff and also consumers of the John Lewis chain store were stranded overnight, leading to nationwide news reports and interviews from GMTV and various other radio stations on the morning of 22 December.

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